She Secretly Recorded This Policeman? What He Was Doing? Unbelievable!!!

When two Muskegon police officers approached a group of kids playing in the street, one of the kids’ parents pulled out her camera phone and captured a heartwarming moment that is now getting a lot of attention.

Jessica Lindsay saw the police outside her home and went to investigate. She then captured video of the two cops playing football with a group of kids outside her home.

“It was just amazing. It was awesome, especially with all the things that’s going on in other states with the police officers,” Lindsay told 24 Hour News 8. “It’s just awesome that there are still some good officers out here that would take the time out of their day to come out and play with the kids in the community. We need that more often.”

For another treat, the officers let the children see how their police cruiser worked.

It’s great to see cops going above and beyond the call of duty in unexpected ways — like the cop who risked his life to save a woman on the highway or the law enforcement officers who rewarded people for obeying the law.

After Lindsay posted the video on Facebook, it quickly went viral. As of Thursday morning, the video had more than 11,000 shares on Facebook and been viewed over 714,000 times.

The video speaks for itself on how engaged the kids were, and you can tell the officers’ actions were really positive and from the heart.

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